Contemporary Folk • Americana • Country • Pop

Anne Marie Menta is a singer songwriter from New Haven, CT, USA, where she has been writing songs since she was a teenager. Her tunes are moving song memoirs where autobiography meets storytelling, the personal meets the universal, love learns loneliness, and friends and family embrace each other. Anne Marie’s tunes range stylistically from Contemporary Folk to Americana, Country, and acoustic Pop.

Sky Tonight…. In her latest CD, Anne Marie crafts exquisite songs directly from the heart, with truthful lyrics and unforgettable melodies that reach out and wrap their loving arms around you. A must listen!” - Sloan Wainwright

Sky Tonight

"There's something about the sky tonight..."

Love, life, loss and regret. Empathy, solace, hope. A "certain" sunset can evoke so many feelings and memories. Sometimes that's all it takes. These twelve songs are real memories kindled by the light of a moment.

"When the sky's on pause, painted with pink streaks of promise. Something about the sky tonight..."